Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thrift Addiction

IMG_4726x Vintage Tools IMG_4727x Vintage Tools
Not that I'm procrastinating the pile of dirty dishes waiting to be washed, but I just thought I'd take a moment to show off the box of old tools I bought at an estate sale around the corner from us last weekend. On the Friday, I had stopped and fondled the tools (marked at $1 each) and bought five that I thought I would actually use, including a cool scrap of folding wooden ruler and two awls (which I have been using this week for punching holes in metal). The woman in charge said these had been her father-in-law's and they would be half-price on Saturday, but I knew I'd be gone all day for the Milwaukee ATC group's monthly meeting (which included a field trip up to West Bend to visit the Museum of Wisconsin Art)

So Saturday morning, I left home a little early so I could stop at the estate sale again, and I asked how much she wanted for the entire box. $10? So for $15 total I am now the proud owner of some 40+ tools, many of which I have no idea what they do. But they have cool wooden handles and that worn look that you just can't fake. My favorite is a spiral screwdriver stamped "Goodell Bro's Shelburne Falls Mass/ Patented July 22.1890 Nov.17.1891" It still spirals in and out beautifully! And hoorah for Google Patents and all those tool collectors who share their research on the internet!

And the sad thing is I'm not even a tool collector.... I just adore old junk...
IMG_4728x Goodell Bros. Archimedean screw-driver!
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