Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wisconsin Regional Art Program

Once Upon A Time
Thanks to my friend Gary's encouragement, I submitted two pieces to one of the Wisconsin Regional Art Program's regional exhibits in Greendale, Wisconsin, this summer.  WRAP was started in 1940 to "encourage the creative growth of Wisconsin non-professional artists from rural areas." ("Non-professional" in this case defined as not making the majority of my income from art, which is definitely the case.) Last weekend was our workshop day, featuring a lecture and demo by jewelry artist Brenda Schweder and a critique of our art by Chad Lindemann.

I was very happy to learn that my collage "Once Upon a Time" (above) was one of seven pieces chosen for the State Exhibit Award, which allows me to participate in the statewide show in 2012! If you are a Wisconsin artist, check out the information about upcoming exhibits/workshops to see if they have a program in your area.
IMG_6644 Neglected Memories

Monday, September 5, 2011

Art Trader, Pinterest & other Distractions

Tree Peony detailI realized that I never posted back in July that I was interviewed for the Summer 2011 issue of Art Trader Magazine, the FREE on-line 'zine for all things mail art. You can download the PDF file here. Be sure to check out their site because they also have contests and offer on-line workshops. (I took the Fantastic Faces workshop in the spring.)

Also this summer, I am attempting to reorganize my office/work area, though no one can tell when looking at the space, because it looks as messy as ever. I keep getting distracted by looking at other people's beautiful work spaces on-line and browsing for storage ideas. My friend Mel got me hooked on Pinterest, a site which allows you to "pin" links and images to your own themed boards. So perhaps I spent more time pinning inspiration to my Art Studio Ideas board than I should have....

And two of my Pinterest boards on cats and Edgar Allan Poe translated into my first Etsy treasuries. (And I was not in anyway procrastinating the cleaning and organizing when I made these.) And one of my minor accomplishments this summer was getting a few more of my quilted ornaments listed on Etsy. Now back to work...
Wee House Ornament Vignette
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