Friday, June 29, 2012

Art Marathon!

I'm participating in the Cream City Illustrators Art Marathon, which challenges you to make 26.2 works of art in 30 days from June 14-July 14, 2012. I've primarily been doing ATCs (of course), and here are some of my favorite ones so far.
Day #4 - Jellyfish (fabric collage)
 04 -Jellyfish 
Day #5 - Bird of Paradise
 05 - Bird Of Paradise 
 Day #8 - Amigurumi Bear
 08 - Amigurumi Bear 
Day #11 - Alone
 11 - Alone 
You can see the full set to date on Flickr. Also check out what other participants have posted on the Cream City Illustrators blog.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Baaaaack! (and still not organized)

Really I was never gone, but just very busy with non-artsy work. I had every intention of posting "before" and "after" photos of how I organized my creative space this spring, but unfortunately I never got past taking the "before" pictures. I did accomplish a few organizational things such as moving a good chunk of the art supplies out of the dining room and living room.  Here are a few very carefully cropped and staged photos that give me a vague sense of accomplishment while completely hiding the mess piled out of sight.
IMG_4096 New pillows
The living room was briefly craft supply free with new pillows made from fabric found at the thrift store. The area behind the couch that had been craft supply-infested is now "The Library." (And I admit there's a big pile of crochet supplies on the library table now.)
 IMG_4137 Peg Board
In the "Craft Room" we finally hung up the pegboard that had been sitting in the closet!
IMG_4162 Bygel Rail
And the Ikea Bygel rail & cups that had been sitting on the floor! (Just ignore all the stuff that was piled on the floor next to it.) Unfortunately every time I try to clean I get distracted by things I would rather be doing. ("Look, unfinished art projects!" Or "I'd better go look up some storage ideas on Pinterest!") So it will be awhile before you see any real "after" photos.
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