Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I'm Reading

I finally had a chance to read through the Ten Two Studios Basic Transfer Techniques how-to CD (which I had bought back before Christmas!) Can't wait to try some of the full-page transfer and decal projects. I haven't been that brave before this ;o)

I'm also working my way through Jane Wynn's Altered Curiosities: Assemblage Techniques and Projects, which I have to read one project at a time, or I get overstimulated. Will this be the year I finally learn to use that two-part resin epoxy stuff??

Bedside reading right now is Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union. I've never read any of his work, and I usually don't read Critically Acclaimed Literature, but I was attracted by the premise of a noir murder mystery set in an alternate timeline where displaced Jews end up settling in Alaska rather than Israel after WWII.

Old news now - but we did get the latest Pratchett Making Money from my brother and his wife for Christmas (OK, technically it's my husband's copy but I did recommend they get it for him.) I read it very quickly, went back and re-read Going Postal to remind myself where Moist von Lipwig got started, and then re-read Making Money at a more leisurely pace.

Over on Flickr, we're showing off our books.

IMG_2063 Mostly Women's History

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