Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bad Girls, or things I couldn't show you before :D

So remember a while back I gave a hint of a project I was working on for the Ten Two Studios design team? You can see the whole thing now here (Just don't tell my mom! ;o)

Lisa also named a kit after me "Carolyn's Artsy Medals" and they are already sold out!

Some other things I couldn't show you. You can see the pile of bottle caps I made for the Art For All Goody Bag here.

I can now also reveal the photos I submitted to the "Are You Your Artspace?" contest at Art For All where people were supposed to identify whose work area was whose. Yes, my work areas are very messy....
IMG_7261 Sewing tableIMG_7258 Dining room table
I think only 2 or 3 people guessed mine correctly (OK only about 10-11 people were hardy enough to submit their guesses - it was a tough contest) and a couple of people thought my space was Muppin's because of the fabric stuff. Nutty Nanner guessed mine correctly because I had lent her my hand-drill not realizing it was visible in the bottom corner of the right hand photo!

I'm a little afraid of what sort of traffic this post's title will attract....


Terri Kahrs said...

Carolyn, I just popped over to Ten Two Studios to peek at your beautiful work. OK - What Mama doesn't know won't hurt her!!! OMG - Your book is absolutely DIVINE and Fabulous!!!

Congrats on the "sell out"! I can see why the kits didn't last long. They're so creative, unique and fun.

You must have the patience of Jobe! Can't believe the amount of charms your created, and each one of them so special.

Regarding your workspace - boring women have clean spaces!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

vintagepix said...

Thanks Terri! You should turn your workspace quote into a framed art piece that we can all hang in our spaces so we don't feel guilty about our mess (just think of the possibilities - t-shirts, mugs, posters ;o)

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