Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do You Zentangle?

Zentangling - February 17, 2010
I admit, I tried to avoid the Zentangle craze, but then I saw Sandy Bartholomew's article in Cloth Paper Scissors, and then checked out the Tangle of the Week on her blog. Next thing I know, I'm making Zentangle ATCs, though I wasn't able to keep to just black & white!
Berry ZentanglePeas N Stripes Zentangle
Another great source for design ideas is Molossus' blog Life Imitates Doodles, which provided inspiration for the Gem card below left:
Gem ZentangleShiny Zentangle
The one on the right above was embossed metal, and I'll definitely have to try some on the sewing machine since there's a strong doodling link between the tangle patterns and the free-motion stitching I learned from Diane Gaudynski. In the meantime, it's ink pens & Twinkling H20 watercolors for me!
In The CloverCocoon Zentangle


Christine Edwards said...

Carolyn, I love these cards. I've never heard of Zentangle, but I'm taken in. I will definitely have to investigate more. I love the colored versions too.


Terri Kahrs said...

Yes, I've tried zentangles, but yours are spectacular!!! The addition of the color really makes them fabulous! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Molossus said...

You're getting through your 'to do' list faster than I am, lol!

I do love what you're doing with the zentangles. You've got a bold, sassy style the produces lively work!

vintagepix said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and leaving kind comments.
@Christine - just to warn you, the tangles are addictive ;o)
@Terri - I think you know we can't leave these things uncolored :D
@Molossus - thanks so much (and I only got the bloggin' done because I was procrastinating the housework! :o)

Mel said...

These are fantastic, Carolyn, and I'm very proud to say I own a couple! :D LOVE your use of Twinklling H20s! :D

vintagepix said...

Aw, thanks, Mel! *blush* :D

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