Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art For All 2009 Recap

What I got in trade at AFA '09
Here's a brief visual summary of the creative excitement that was A4A 2009, the first (North American) meeting of members of the on-line ATC site ATCs For All. Above is the bulk of what I got in trade from other attendees, mostly ATCs and a few charms. There was a 24-hour art room where everyone could chat and play with art supplies around the clock if they wanted (I tended to get to bed before midnight however!)

I also took workshops in Hand-carved Stamps,
Carved Stamps Workshop
Embossed Metal ATCs,
Metal Manipulation
Calligraphy Sample
Mixed Media Paper Beads,
Mixed Media Paper Beads
and Drawing Fun Faces Without Fear (not the official title :D)
Quiet Smile
I taught a Faux Tintype ATC workshop - here are my students hard at work:
IMG_7427 Billie Jean, Kimberly & Katie hard at workIMG_7426
I do wonder what the other hotel guests thought of these crazy people wandering around in tiaras....
IMG_7372 Crazy Cat!
Finally we all owe a huge thank you to our fearless organizer Cathy, aka Crazy Cat (above), who volunteered who knows how many hours putting this event together! A whole lot of pix are on my Flickr.

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