Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where I've been lately

Life has been busy, and I haven't had as much time on-line as I have in the past. (Right now I'm choosing between blogging and washing dishes/doing laundry/updating the handout for the "Easy Pop-Up Cards" workshop I'm teaching next week. Guess which choice won! But the other tasks will be waiting for me, alas.)

My parents just visited this past week, so I spent time with them up on my sister's farm, which is about 50 miles north of me. Beyond the photo of my dad's quilt from my last post, my family generally refused to pose for me, and what photos I did take, they don't want posted in public, so you're stuck with these portraits of some of my sister's animals. I am now Farm Paparazzi! Shown above is Ginger in mid-yawn. Here she is being pretty and windswept.
The chickens are always a hoot, and by accident I made my first on-line movie since the button on my camera had slipped to video mode while it was in my pocket. It's only 24 seconds, and you can hear me saying "chick, chick, chick" in a vain attempt to get them to come towards the camera.

The little rooster was more intent on jumping up to eat the red flowers growing on the old smokehouse, but I could hear a chicken marching up behind me and turned the camera to find Henrietta, who is the head honcho among the chickens (and has the dogs and cats in awe of her as well). She was quite peeved that I had called her but had no food! So I leave you under her watchful eye.
IMG_7599x Henrietta's headshot


Michele said...

I love those horse pictures! And I definitely agree it can be tricky photographing people when there's a blog in question. I'm always having to promise that photos will not appear on the internet :) Sometimes a little creative cutting and pasting can do wonders.

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Michele - I was teasing my mom about how she made me pose for all those pix when I was a kid but refuses to let me take her photo now :D I do love your blog photos which hint at human presence without actually showing detail.

Cathy said...

Hi Carolyn, I too have been missing in action as far as blogging goes.
Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Taking a bit of time off this summer. I also was out of town last week and went north. But I went to MI
to a horse show. I also just posted pictures of horses on my blog!
I don't have any chickens though. You got me there! Love chickens!
You did a fabulous job on your dad's quilt. Lovely!
Have a great rest of the week.

vintagepix said...

You took some great pix, Cathy! It was all I could do to get my sister's horses to lift their heads from grazing to look at me :D Thanks for stopping by!

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