Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hinged Copper Locket Workshop

Happy Halloween! We just survived our first Halloween in our new neighborhood where we had about 200 trick-or-treaters come to our door (compared to less than 20 at our old place). We ran out of candy, and the last two kids got granola bars! (Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars, so they're almost candy ;o)

So here's the final installment from Raevn's Nest Art Retreat. Last Saturday, I took an all-day workshop with Richard Salley, learning how to make this copper locket. (If you click on the tutorial sidebar on his website, you'll find a very similar project.)

I don't have a lot of experience in working with metal and wire beyond making a few charms, reading a bunch of books and watching Jewelry Making on the DIY network, so I was excited to learn some basic things, like using a jewelry saw (broke 3 blades cutting that heart shape out of the rusty washer that forms the image frame), making rivets and staples, and shaping copper and then aging it in liver of sulphur. My wire work still needs a lot of practice (those S- and C- scrolls are supposed to be symmetrical), but I learned a lot from the class and went home excited to make more! Now I just need to find the time....

You can click on my images to see a larger view on Flickr. And check out what other folks made:
Kathi took Richard's two workshops on Friday. Fabulous!
Carmi was in the same class as me - I love her take on this project!
Jill sat in front of me, and I was in awe of her skill. She also reassured me that it was normal to break saw blades. (Scroll down to see her work from the Friday & Saturday Salley workshops)


Terri Kahrs said...

Ya know . . . .I LOVE this - irregularities and all. It's what give your piece such personality and charm!!! Awesome work, Carolyn! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Melanied'Anjou said...

What a beautiful piece of art this is! Simply awesome!!!! So heart-warming to know there are still some people who like creating such things, putting all their heart into it
Congratulations and warm hugs,

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Terri & Melanie - I do so want to try to make some smaller (simpler) versions of this for Christmas but so many ideas & so little time! :D

PaMdora said...

I'm really impressed - I took a jewelry class once, but I really have trouble working on small things, especially when they are metal!

This looks like it turned out great - it's so wonderful you can make your own.

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Pam! I learned a lot in that class - esp. that wire is a lot harder to work with than fabric & thread! :D

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