Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Edible Book Show

I have to get one last post in before the end of the month (and I won't have time tomorrow) so two posts in one day! This past Sunday, I attended the Edible Book Show at Woodland Pattern Book Center for the first time. I have several artsy friends who participate so I had heard about it for several years now but had been missing out on the fun!

All the books were made to be tasted and judged by the people attending the show. How often can you say you arrived at an art event to find the guests had already started eating the exhibits?
Fortunately there were photographs of each book displayed so late arrivals could see what each piece looked like to start. We judged the entries on creativity, difficulty and delectability. My friend Jessica Poor won a special prize for most votes over all since her Mexicali Medusa (chips embellished with food coloring, guacamole and salsa) got lots of votes spread across all three categories. Sharon Van Ruiswyk demonstrated different techniques for making your own edible book forms using everything from bologna and Wonder Bread to Pringles and spray cheese.
IMG_9144 Sharon's baloney sandwich bookIMG_9129 Max's Cabinet of Curiosities
On the right above is Petra Press's book made with rice krispie treats and edible ink printed on rice paper. This fairy tale book below had a dangerous combination of chocolate & crispy wafers:
IMG_9124 Fairy Tale book
You can see photos of past shows here:

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