Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Warped Milwaukee Fiber Art Show

I'm in a fiber arts show! If you're in the Milwaukee area, check out the Warped Milwaukee show at the Jazz Gallery, 926 E. Center Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, presented by the ABK Weaving Center and Riverwest Artists Association. The other participants are Harmonie Baker, Ellie Brooks-Derzay, Pame Bueno, Susan Buss, Taylor Easton, Jan Falk, Kari Garon, Betsy Hoover, Kathleen Hughes, Mel Kolstad, Shannon Molter, Jane Moore, and Stephanie Ponto. The show is up through December 4, 2011, and the gallery is open Saturdays 12-5 p.m. with other dates to be announced.

There are some stunning pieces on display, including this giant wing by Stephanie Ponto:
IMG_3887 "Wing" by Stephanie Ponto
and these printed pouches by Susan Buss, entitled "Not Just a Bunch of Old Bags."
IMG_3907 "Not Just A Bunch of Old Bags" by Susan Buss
My friend Mel has a cool mixed media piece combining embroidery with vintage anatomy illustrations:
IMG_3891 Mel with her art
I have one of my mini Dia de los Muertos art quilts "Amigos" on display:
You can see some more photos on Flickr.

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