Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Attempting Tracy Roos' Faux Tintypes

Last weekend, because I was teaching my Colorful Faux Tintype Collage on Sunday, I thought I should actually try the technique described in the Cloth Paper Scissors article that had inspired me: "Traveling Back in Time: The Making of Faux Tintype Photos" by Tracy Roos (CPS #2 Spring 2005). There's a scanned copy of the article linked from this page. (Links are in the caption under the vintage photo.)

Tracy's technique involves making ink jet transparency transfers onto copper sheets and then covering them with mica. She also warns that "this process can often be unpredictable. There are days when I don't have one successful transfer and others when every transfer works like a charm!" So I was forewarned.... Here are my attempts:
IMG_2814 Mixed Results
(Click on the photo to see my notes - Crafting 365, Day 180)

I do like the effect when it works, because it does look like a real tintype, but I have to practice a lot more! I'll probably be using these somehow in ATCs for the next Milwaukee live trade.

I distinctly remember when I was looking for something new to do for the Milwaukee ATC live trade last October and liked the idea of her technique, but I
1) knew how problematic ink jet transparency image transfers can be so decided to use laser jet transparencies, which were easier for me to print anyway
2) didn't want to go to the expense of using copper sheet so used aluminum foil tape
3) wanted to do something more colorful!

I had already been playing with transparencies before this:
ATC277 Three SistersATC325 Hungarian Women (my copy)
So it wasn't that big a leap to using the aluminum foil tape I had on hand:
Fanciful TendenciesThe Lost Heiress
The fun thing was seeing what the artists in my class would come up with using the same techniques (and this photo doesn't do their work justice)!
IMG_2821x   What everyone made!


Gaby Bee said...

Wow, this ATCs are really fabulous. Love them all.

Elaine Kerr said...

digging, digging, page 68.... got it!

I really, really, really have to try this!

vintagepix said...

@gaby bee - thanks for visiting

@elaine - I'd be very interested to see what results you get - I seem to have better luck not using the heat gun at all.

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