Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring? Spring!

Temperatures in the 60s? Crocuses blooming? Grass turning green? Could it really be spring? But I've learned not to get my hopes up too early.

This past weekend I had a craft day with my friend Laura. The past two years we've gone to the International Quilt Festival outside Chicago, but this year she had to work on the Saturday, and neither of us saw any classes that really caught our eye, so we just got together and played at her house. I used her as a guinea pig for my Faux Tintype Collage class that I'm teaching on April 27, and also showed her how to solder microscope slide pendants. Her first attempt was much neater than my first, second and third! (The other photo is her cat Dexter turning his back to the camera.)
IMG_2659  Laura soldering her first microscope slide pendantsIMG_2665 Dexter ignoring me.

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