Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art Journal: Suvetar, Goddess of Spring

Inspired by Pam Carriker's workshop at Strathmore, I originally did this journal spread in January but was unhappy with the result and knew I would redo it.
Is it Spring yet?
So in February, I wiped away the oil pencil handwriting and gessoed over the messy areas and redid the text with a curly font and added more flowers and paint.
Suvetar, Goddess of Spring (open)
The images are all from the Ten Two Studios. The right side is a folding flap. Here's the spread with the flap closed.
Suvetar (folded)
The spread was inspired by the song Suvetar, Goddess of Spring by Gjallarhorn. (The liner notes say it's their arrangement of traditional verse.)

Is it spring yet?


Dave said...

Beautiful use of color. Nice work.
I liked following the evolution of the piece.

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Dave!

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