Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art Journal: Opposites Distract

Inspired the Sketchbook Challenge theme for February "Opposites" - I decided to do a spread where I went in the opposite direction of what I usually do. So I used colors I don't particularly like to work with like bright red, yellow and green. I'm more of a purple & blue gal!  I pulled out some handcarved stamps that I had made in a workshop but didn't like how they turned out because they were so "blocky" (Yes, I know that's how handcarved tends to look.)
Carved Stamps Workshop
As my blog title implies, I like to work with vintage images, so the opposite direction, painful though it would be, demanded a contemporary photo, and since I hate using pictures of myself...bleh - there I am. And printing it on yellow paper made it even worse! Oddly enough, the hardest part was picking a font that I would not normally use. I had narrowed it down to Mistral (horribly '80s and hard to read) or Stencil, and opted for Stencil just to be legible. And instead of writing the dates of this endeavor in small print in the margins, I then stenciled them in the center of the spread. And for a finishing touch, I scribbled all over with a greenish SpiderWriter pen. Here is the end result:
Opposites Distract


Eileen said...

Not your usual style, to be sure, but very extremely absolutely perfectly KEWL!!!

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Eileen! The acid yellow paper still makes me cringe but I did like the juxtaposition of aqua blue on red in the upper left, which is a color combination I wouldn't normally use :D

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