Friday, February 25, 2011

Art Journal: Zentangle A Day

The past two weeks have been very busy so I started a Zentangle journal spread where I could just add a little bit of ink every day and then color the black and white designs with Letraset markers & colored pencils. Does a Zentangle a day keep the doctor away?
A Zentangle A Day
Journal spread completed February 16-20 & 24-25, 2011

If you're looking for tangle inspiration, check out these links:
The official Zentangle blog
Molossus's blog - Life Imitates Doodles
Sandy Bartholomew's blog - BEEZ in the Belfry
Zentangle Flickr group


MJ said...

Love this. I want to try it out on our next rainy day.

vintagepix said...

Thanks, MJ - I'll warn you that it can be addictive ;o)

milkcan said...

Swoon. This is amazing!

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Julie - I'm still chugging along on these :D A little at a time!

nathalie said...

WOW! Very beautiful - I just googled "zentangle with color" in images and saw this - it just jumped out at me - impressive!

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Nathalie! Glad you stopped by to comment!

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