Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Tuesday!

Since I'm not particularly religious, I don't generally even know when Easter is, much less Lent, but yesterday my husband (who has even less Sunday schooling than I do) and I were discussing the fact that it must be coming up soon, because all the local restaurants have started advertising a fish fry for Lent, even the ones that don't normally have one (like the Mexican and Chinese places). So yes, lo and behold, today is Shrove Tuesday aka Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras aka use up all the things you're supposed to give up for Lent by making pancakes. (So that's why IHOP is having free pancakes today! Duh!)

So here's a link to my post from last year featuring my husband's grandmother's chicken-killing pancake recipe!

I think we're having pancakes for dinner....

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