Friday, February 27, 2009

What's Black & White & Red All Over?

Answer: Artist Trading Cards for this month's Milwaukee ATC live trade theme!

I started out with a creepy romance theme for Valentine's Day (more in the vein of the Black Heart anti-Valentine contest), making these cards with scraps of historical newspaper photocopies ("read all over" - get it? *Hyuk hyuk*) left over from research projects and Harry Clarke Faux Postage from Ten Two Studios. I colored the backgrounds with red chalk ink and the images with Prismacolor pencils. (These are also the ATCs used as models in the pix for my DIY ATC holder how-to.)
Black & White & Red All Over #7-12
But since I tend to turn every holiday into Halloween, the cards I made this week gave up any notion of romance, and just stuck with vaguely sinister.
Afraid - Bizarre - Scary
The black backgrounds are the ATC-sized scraps of painted envelope leftover from the ATC display, and I stamped them with white chalk ink and collaged some images I had left from the Black & White Microscope Slide sheet. I didn't think the white stamping stood out enough so I added more doodles with a white-out marker and white gel pen.
Unusual - Fright - Night
I also found some zebra images in my stash and so had to make some Sunburned Zebra ATCs (or are they just embarrassed?) sprinkled with old newspaper advertising text
Sunburned Zebras #1-3
And I played with advertising text combined with images from the Little Red Things collage sheet.
Minerva SpecialTwice The Value
You can see all the black & white & red ATCs on my Flickr.


Agnes the Red said...

Fantastic the red and black colour schemes...all very effective....and those images you've used are wonderful! Great stuff! Ange x

vintagepix said...

Thanks, Ange - this was a fun series (more so than the mushy Valentine stuff ;o)

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