Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wild West APCs

2009_365_063 Three Diamonds In The Rough King Of Clubs: Buffalo Bill
That's APCs for "Altered Playing Cards," but they're ATCs as well since they're 2.5 x 3.5" poker cards, and this month's theme for the Milwaukee ATC group is "I'm Game." I had printed some men off the Ten Two Studios Wild Wild West image CD for my Manly Book of Men, but ended up not using them. So I made contact paper transparencies with the images and applied them to poker cards that had been lightly sanded, inked and collaged with vintage text and/or painted dry wall tape.
Two of Diamonds: Gallivanting Gambler2009_365_065 Gold Mountain
Some have faux bullet holes made with eyelets, and I stitched two with gold metallic thread in the top spool and bobbin on a very loose tension.
Six of Diamonds: Going2009_365_064 Ace of Diamonds: Gambler
And if you leave your contact paper transparencies lying sticky side up for any length of time, they WILL attract cat hair!

Crafting 365, Days 61-65

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