Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make It Mondays - Self-Portrait

2009_365_077 Self-Portrait ATC
This week's Make It Mondays theme Self-Portrait was a tough one for me because I really dislike photos of myself. I debated using a baby picture, but that would have required digging into the as-yet-unpacked boxes that have old photo albums. So I actually used a recent photo of myself and masked out the background and sized it to ATC format. Then I traced my face with permanent marker onto a clear ATC blank from Ten Two Studios. I doodled flowers around my head (because I'm still hoping for spring to show up - 40 degrees today) and colored it all with Sharpie markers. This is the closest I'll come to having purple hair!
2009_365_078 Self-Portrait ATC

Crafting 365, Days 77-78


Terri Kahrs said...

Wow, I'm SUPER impressed! Am loving the purple hair and the flowers. Has a retro flower child feel!!!! Great job!

juanita de la vega said...

Hi, that is a great job! Colourful and joyous!
I am working on the italian Loteria, (called "tombola").
My son is doing his thesis, so I have not much access to the computer! As soon as I can snatch it from him I will do a post.
Have a nice week end!

Wendy T. Gibson said...

I'm making this!!! I'll show you when!

lisavollrath said...

Oh, cool. I never would have thought to throw the clear ATC blank over something and trace it, but now that I see it, it seems such an obviously great choice.

vintagepix said...

Thank you all!
@Juanita & Wendy - look forward to your posts
@Lisa - every now and then I have a brainstorm :D - I know the serious fine artists frown on tracing, but I want my ATCs to be fun to make!

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