Friday, January 30, 2009

Got Moo?

Got Moo?
I can't remember where I first encountered Moo cards - maybe at a Cream City::Milwaukee Flickr group photowalk. I have yet to order my own, but over a year ago, I had bookmarked Abstractions Art's instructions for homemade Moo cards . Then this month my friend Kathi from Milwaukee ATC gave me a card she had made, and I suddenly started noticing homemade Moo everywhere, including on Gayle's and Egg Studio's blogs

So I was printing new business cards to take to a networking meeting on Wednesday and thought I should make some serendipity collage Moo, but then got carried away and started adding small images from the Ten Two Studios little collage sheets, plus Dover clip art scraps, and a bit of doodling with white out and gel pens. Didn't actually get them done in time to take them to the networking meeting!

Got Moo?

Crafting 365, Days 28, 29 & 30
with assistance from Ruby the Moo Kitty
2009_365_028-30 Moo Kitty


Chrisy said...

You clever thing! Yes I too have been meaning to do the moo thing for the last twelve months but no yet got to what you've done with these tho...

vintagepix said...

I'll warn you that these things are like potato chips - after the first one, you can't stop!

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