Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I'm afraid my computer is where all recipe swaps, chain letters and other "pass it on" things die a slow miserable death, because despite all my good intentions, I tend to file them away to do later and then forget!

Last July, Olivia (aka Paper Bouquet), who organizes the Altered Art Group on Flickr, was kind enough to give me a blog award, and I really meant to pass it on, like I was supposed to, but this was right before I went on a trip to Indiana, and then I was on blog sabbatical for the rest of the year and completely forgot about it. And now I'm a bit embarrassed to pass on an award with last year's date, so in the spirit of blog love, I will ask that you check out Olivia's blog as well as the blogs or sites of these folks below, who at some point in the past few years have gone out of their way to meet up with a complete stranger (me) just to trade art. (And those of you to whom I'm linking are under no obligation to do anything whatsoever! ;o)

I was very lucky to meet fellow Ten Two Studios design team member Corinne aka Glitz-Oh Girl! when I visited Oregon in 2007, and she took my mom and me to all the cool places around town (which for us was the thrift and scrapbook stores :o)

I finally got to meet Dana Driscoll aka Adriayna in person on the aforementioned Indiana trip last August, having previously traded art with her through ATCs For All (and its predecessor Site Which Shall Not Be Named ;o) She also has created an amazing Tarot deck. Oh, yeah, and she was doing all this while earning a PhD and serving as an (unpaid) administrator for AFA and its sister sites!

KatieV aka Mixing Katie drove all the way from Bloomington to Zionsville IN to meet up for a live ATC trade on that same trip.

I've also met AFA members VBR, Gingersnap, inkadinkadoo, crazycat, and Vicki Z, but they aren't blogging that I know of. So go join AFA, if you're not already a member, and leave nice comments in their galleries!

I met Cheryl aka Muppin at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago in 2007, and we traded ATCs (of course).

After trading on-line several times, I met Katxena in person when I was visiting my folks in Virginia last year. She currently has an artistic blog challenge that both intrigues and daunts me.

And while I have yet to meet her in person, I've talked on the phone with Diane of Altered Book Studio when she very kindly took time to share her expertise on teaching a beeswax collage class.

So go check out their artwork and leave nice comments for them because they deserve it!


Rosie said...

Wow... you get around, don't you?!! How lovely to have personal contact with fellow-artists and fun too!
Inspired by your black heart pincushion, I entered the contest too - a bit bloody, but fun nevertheless! Cheers,

vintagepix said...

Loved your anti-Valentine entry, Rosie! As for getting around, well, if I ever make it to the UK again, you'll be hearing from me ;o)

Cheryl said...

Thanks! :) We should meet up again soon! Are you going to the A4A retreat?

vintagepix said...

Hey, Cheryl - at this point I'm 89.6% sure I'm going to go Indy :D Hope to have a better idea SOON! I'll pm you re. meeting up.

Anonymous said...

Lol! I can so relate, Carolyn! But what is passage of time? Not like it was going to expire! ; )
Thanks for the chuckle. : )


vintagepix said...

Thank YOU for all you do for the Altered Art group, Olivia :o)

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