Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

Cleopatra, or Land of Denial
Cleopatra, or Land of Denial

Rose Eytinge
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Every once in awhile unrelated projects cross paths or intersect in some strange way. Over a week ago, I happened to be researching the family name Eytinge (no relation to me but it ties in with a history project I've had on the back burner for several years) and came across this print of actress Rose Eytinge on Flickr. As soon as I saw it, I realized I had seen her before in the Ten Two Studios Vaudeville Women faux postage set. So this was tucked away in my brain when I saw that this week's Make It Mondays theme was Egypt.

Rose was known for her portrayal of Cleopatra and had actually lived in Egypt for a time. I'm certain this print showed her in that role, given the hieroglyphics and Egyptian architecture in the background and the pseudo-Middle Eastern costume. So Rose's faux postage stamp had to be the central image on my ATC. Because the theme for the Milwaukee ATC group's January meeting is "By Definition," I added a dictionary entry that applied to Cleopatra: "ambition." At Clip Art, ETC, I found the hieroglyphics for Cleo's name and some other Egyptian motifs for my background. All these elements combined make my first ever Egyptian-themed ATC!


Artyfax said...

Beautiful atc

and I love to hear about the why or how an atc is made. Adds such a lot of interest

vintagepix said...

Thanks, John - I just checked out your digital collages for MIM - very cool!

Sue said...

Stunning ATC. Love the story behind it too. x

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