Friday, January 23, 2009

TV watching and cat-impaired crafting

I try to multi-task by crafting and catching up on TV shows, but once cold weather sets in, the grey cat Ruby thinks that I only sit on the couch for her convenience. No sooner do I settle in with my paper and scissors and glue stick (and old catalog to glue on and book or binder to use as a sturdy work surface and portable paper cutter and pens, pencils, ink pads) when she hops into my lap, spreading herself over whatever I happened to be working on and goes to sleep.

And obviously if a cat has deigned to honor you with her presence, you can't disturb her, especially when she's so cute and fuzzy. So I try to have everything in reach, which inevitably means the ink pad or paint pen or tool that I need is in the other room. Also I end up with cat hair glued to my fingers (and Ruby probably has paper scraps stuck in her fur).

While working on ATCs for this Saturday's live trade, I caught up on last week's Battlestar Galactica so I could watch tonight's episode, plus new episodes of Burn Notice, That's Clever (finally saw segment featuring Ten Two Studios design team alum Diane Bouchard - yay!), Bones, Quilting Arts and Big Love. I don't watch reality shows (other than Iron Chef America) because The Soup and Best Week Ever summarize everything I need to know. I've also been crafting lately while watching repeats of DIY's Jewelry Making and HBO's Generation Kill (talk about dissonance). The most important thing of course is to have the remote within reach so I don't ever have to disturb Ruby.

The photo above was taken when I finally had to stretch my legs after watching tonight's Soup, Battlestar and Best Week Ever back to back. Ruby is not amused....

Crafting 365, Days 21-23

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Sue said...

She's so sweet!! My cat's the same for wanting to be with me...just only really when I want to be doing something :) x

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